Radio Parole de Verite LLC is an online Haitian American Christian media based in Brockton MA. The radio was founded on November 4th, 2015 by brother Evens Ambroise and was inaugurated on December 30th, 2015.


Radio Parole de Verite is an evangelical Haitian American online radio station. We are dedicated to spreading the word of God within the Haitian community throughout the world, as well as worship songs, prayers and encouraging Christian testimonies. Radio Parole de Verite also gives a platform to Pastors, Ministers, Evangelists, Missionaries…. to help further their ministries.

Over the years radio Parole de verite reached people around the world in over 158 countries. Our listeners can listen to the radio as follows:

  • Online:
  • TuneIn: Radio Parole Verite
  • Google Play: Radio Parole de Verite
  • Apple Store: Radio Parole de Verite
  • Internet radio receiver (you can buy it on Amazon or any other online retailers)
  • Audio Now: 712-775-8293 / 515-605-5646
  • YouTube and Facebook: Radio Parole de Verite
  • Google Home:
  • Talk to Radio Parole De Verite
    Ask Radio Parole De Verite to Play
  • Alexa:

Command in English: “Alexa, Open radio P.V.”

Command in French: “Alexa, lance radio Parole de verite”


Radio Parole de Verite provides to each host the opportunity to create his/her own podcast directly from their home studio.


Radio Parole de Verite promotes events, small businesses, nonprofit organizations.


Radio Parole de Verite promotes Christian artists, Christian albums, new releases.


Radio Parole de Verite has been providing the absolute best in Christian artist management and development support, production and marketing. We are currently managing:


Radio Parole de Verite builds and promotes websites for small businesses, churches, Christian artists. We also create and publish Apps to Android and IOS store, we create radio skills for Alexa as well.


We are pleased to serve our Christian community and we are requesting your prayers.

May God bless you all!

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