Devlopman Lakay – is aired live every other Sunday from 4pm to 5pm EST from our studios in Brockton (Massachusetts).


"Devlopman Lakay" is a podcast designed to promote the development work of grassroots organizations both inside and outside of Haiti. In partnership with Radio Parole Verite (, a web-based media organization in Brockton (Massachusetts, USA), we will focus on promoting efforts to create opportunities in key areas such as: capacity building and reinforcement for grassroots organizations, education (primary, secondary and tertiary), MOOCs (massive open online courses), health and medicine, information technology, farming, entrepreneurship, and job creation (among others). The podcast will feature a diversity of distinguished organizations and individuals through their exceptional work in Haiti, as a way to introduce a much different side of our country and promote positive things happening in the motherland. Discussions will focus on specific activities being undertaken by these individuals and organizations, their motivation, some of the challenges they face, and the expected outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to help expose these efforts and garner the necessary support - both financial and moral.


Devlopman Lakay is aired live every other Sunday from 4pm to 5pm EST from our studios in Brockton (Massachusetts). The podcast is available on Radio Parole Verité website at and on our Facebook Page at Please join us for our inaugural show on Sunday February 14, 2016 at 6pm EST.

Listening Options

We offer several options to be part of this new initiative to promote important development work in Haiti, and to participate with us. Listen to Radio Parole Vérité as follows:
● On your phone via AudioNow: (712) 775-8293
● Developman Lakay Facebook Page
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Our Distinguished Guest Organizations

Sunday February 28, 2016
Name: Organization of Support to the Development of Plateau Central (OSDPC)
Mission: Generate financial and material support to develop and run educational programs, job fostering vocational training, health maintenance programs, sporting activities for youth, emergency assistance to the needy, economic and technical assistance to small vendors or industrial entrepreneurs and small industries in the Plateau Central, Haiti.
Interviewee: Estenieau Jean, President
Sunday March 13, 2016
Name: Patrick Lucien Founder of EDEM

About the Host

Jacky Poteau is Program Coordinator for the Haiti Development Institute, a newlyestablished organization issued from the Haiti Fund at the Boston Foundation. Created in the wake of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the five-year fund provided long-term relief and reconstruction support to communities in Haiti and Haitian-Americans in the Greater Boston area. Prior to his current role, Jacky served from 2006 to 2014 as President and Executive Director of FATEM (Foundation for the Technological and Economic Advancement of Mirebalais), a Boston-based nonprofit community organization assisting in Mirebalais (Haiti) in the areas of Education, Information and Communication Technology, and Economic Development. From 2009 to 2011, he was Executive Director of 1000 Jobs/Haiti, a Rhode Islandbased 501(c)(3) organization operating in Haiti with the mission of creating sustainable and decent jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Plateau Central region.
Jacky holds a master’s degree in Health and Medical Informatics from Brandeis University, a master’s degree in Social Work from Boston University, and a Microsoft Certified Professional certificate. His volunteer work and community development experiences include memberships in the following grassroots organizations:
Institute of Human and Community Development (IHCD), a non-profit organization with operations in Haiti which offers educational and social services to adolescents, young adults and adults in need. At IHCD, Jacky served subsequently as the Technical Coordinator and Program Director.
MACHHA (Massachusetts Coalition of Haitian Hometown Associations), of which he was a founding member and served as Coordinator. MACHHA was established as an alliance of Massachusetts-based Haitian Hometown Associations, nonprofit entities, and individuals, with a commitment to the empowerment of local grassroots movements and rural development as the driving force for attaining self-reliant, sustainable development and social justice in Haiti.
The Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group (The Resource Group), which makes resources available to organizations working in and for Haiti, while facilitating and solidifying relationships between the international donor community, financial and government sectors, for the purpose of development initiatives in Haiti. The Resource Group is comprised of representatives from various Hometown Associations (HTAs) and social entrepreneurs in the Haitian Diaspora; it is also a place where investors, social entrepreneurs, and leaders in the business world come to learn more about investment opportunities in Haiti. Steering Committee, where he participated in weekly reviews of requests for loans and donations. Zafen.Org was launched in 2010 to commemorate the lives and works of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, two individuals who dedicated their lives to serving people living in poverty. On the 350th anniversary of their deaths, Zafen.Org was established with the objective of having a positive impact
on Haiti’s economic, social and physical environment by providing micro, small, and medium sized enterprises with enhanced access to capital.
FAMILY, Inc., where he served as member of the Haiti Sub-committee. FAMILY is a non-profit organization based in Boston, MA and operating in Verrettes (Haiti) in the areas of education and economic development through agriculture. The organization works with various partners to create secure and nurturing environments of mutual support in which all children and families can thrive.
Destined for Grace Children’s Relief, a nonprofit organization based in Carpinteria, California, working in Mirebalais (Haiti) to alleviate some of the social burdens faced by Haitian children, with the goal to provide a learning center for children whose family cannot afford to send them to school. Destined for Grace’s mission is to get Haitian children off the streets and into classrooms, with the belief that education is their only ticket to a sustainable future.
Jacky operates from the following premise rooted in the Bible: “To whom much is given, much is required”; he believes that grassroots organizations can be a critical force in the development of Haiti and other developing countries, and as such, they deserve our thorough vetting and our full support!

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