Pentecostal Church Of God Of The Elects


Rev. Bishop Herard Belizaire received God’s calling in June 2007, to establish a work, a church. to make sure his calling came from God, he was like apostle John who always remained at the foot of his master Jesus Christ. after having received a final confirmation from God in July 2007, Bishop Herard bélizaire has resolved to respond favorably to a divine calling. thus, he accepted to establish a Church bearing the name of Pentecostal church of God of the Elects, also known as (EPEDD) in French acronym, which stands for:<< l’Eglise Pentecotiste des Eluts de Dieu>> and the Church administration has a committee of five (5) members, which consist of a President, a Secretary, an assistant Secretary, a Treasurer and a Supervisor.

Ainsi donc, comme des élus de Dieu, saints et bien-aimés, revêtez-vous d'entrailles de miséricorde, de bonté, d'humilité, de douceur, de patience.


Pentecostal Church Of The Elects

Eglise Pentecostiste des Elus De Dieu

291 Main Stress

Brockton, MA 02301

Tel: 508 345 6596     Office: 508 857 1340



Pentecostal Church of God of the Elects



Dimanche9h:00 AM - 10h AMEcole dominical
Dimanche10h:15 AM - 1h:15 PMGrand Service
Dimanche 7h:00 PM - 9h:00 PMLe bain spirituel
Mardi7h:00 PM - 9h:00 PMService de priere Tribunal
Mercredi9h:00 AM - 12h:30 PMJeûne de la vie
Vendredi8h:00 PM - 12:00h AMEtude et cri de minuit
Samedi 9h:00 AM - 12h PMJeûne Christ est ma victoire

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