Beottina Louissaint

Béottina Louissaint Biography

Singer Béottina Louissaint is best known for being a young Haitian Christian artist.

Who Is Béottina?
Béottina was born and raised for 7 years in Arcahaie, Haiti. From the time she could speak, the young artist spent most of her time singing at church.

At the age of 3, Béottina sang and composed a song on the spot at a local concert, with an audience of about 800-900 people. Béottina and her mother moved to the U.S. to join her father in 2007.

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Beottina Louissaint

  Béottina continued singing at every church she visited. With the help of her father who composes most of her songs, In 2014, she started recording at Impact Studio in Randolph Massachusetts.

After months of recording, Béottina released her first album, Bonte Bondye, on May 2015 at First Haitian Church Of Brockton The Rock, in Brockton MA. Still with her father, Bevelt Louissaint composing and managing, Béottina released her second Album, Alé, on October 8, 2017 at Vitamine Spirituelle’s concert at Reggie Lewis Center.

On December 23, 2018, Béottina released her third album, Mwen Poze, at Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem in Tele Lourange’s 7th traditional concert in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Ale – Beottina Louissaint

Beottina Louissaint Si tu Savais

My Third Album

Mwen Poze

1- Mwen Poze
2- Enkontounab
3- Vini Lespri Sen
4- Ou Sen
5- Map di w mesi
6- Lavi
7- Happy birthday
8- Jou nwèl

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