My name is Pastor Chrisner Jean. I was an underpaid teacher in Haiti, but with the little money that I was getting I gathered the impoverished and deprived children nearby. I got someone to cook for and fed the children. After the earthquake struck, the list of children increased considerably, and I took steps to ask the NGOs that came to the country for assistance to feed them daily. Things were not easy because we didn’t even have table(s) plate(s) and spoon(s) to serve foods to the children. The opportunity to move led me to the USA! Yet I did not forget the children and so today, I continue to support them with means from me and other servants of God such as Sister Jocelyne. Our efforts are not enough. Will you consider donating to our minitry so we can effectively serve these children in Haiti? Please pledge your assistance below.

Mission Trip to Haiti

We travel Haiti every year by collecting vulnerable children through streets of the capital and provincial cities of the country. We marry people living as concubines and providing them with all the necessary elements such as wedding rings, dresses, suits etc. 



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