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Welcome to SAB AND DAVE Limo
The Limousine Service Of Yours Black & Luxury

Sab N Dave Limo The wonder of it all, we see it, even more viral. Reserved and enjoy the affordable price 3hrs Minimum. Ride in Style to Logan Airport, Wedding, Graduation, Special Event, Night out, Party and More.
For over ten years in the transportation industry, we have monitored enough experience to offer excellent customer service. We are having fun doing this business, just because we love it. We are committed to expanding our potential to reach what we care the most, Customer Satisfaction. Most people think of exotic stretch limousines with custom interiors when they talk about limos, and precisely, it is called luxury. Sort of the central appreciation that express the inner person. That describing the exposure of the image projecting of your personality. Since you love you, then treat yourself right.
We have the privilege to design the content that can make us feel unique or essential. Fill up with the attention that causes the interest as many words as our heart desires, the point of taking action. Like, and follow us on social media is a gift that we appreciated. Life is to sort, and we realized that you deserved a little extra, created more short space to stress out target market.

Mission statements – Our mission at Sab and Dave Limo the Limousine service. Is to enhance a professional, dependable, comfortable, quality, safe, reliable, punctual and superior transportation services to our valued clients. We strive to exceed the expectation of our customers and leave our clients with memories to last forever.
Davidson Metellus
Executive profiles – A company is only as active as its executive leadership. We have been in the industry of transportation for more than ten years. Our commitment is customer satisfaction, which is the right motivation for us to provide the appropriate benefits of our experience. The company want to show off the talent that we intended to develop. We are right open to receive comment or suggestion. Sort of service that requires improvement to perform the job even better to reach the highest level of professionalism. Dedicate to treat customers with respect, fairness, and honesty are our priority.
Davidson Metellus.

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